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Cold Weather Tyres

Cold Weather Tyres - Get a Grip! 

Why Winter Tyres
When the temperature is below 7°C (45°F), Cold Weather Tyres require a shorter braking distance on wet surfaces than summer tyres. In addition, the tread rubber of winter tyres retains more elasticity at lower temperatures, guaranteeing the best possible grip on snow and ice. By comparison, the rubber used in summer tyres hardens and loses its grip. Moreover, high-tech winter tyres are every bit as quiet, comfortable and wear-resistant as summer tyres.

Jeff Fowkes Wheels recommend Vredestein winter tyres, click here to view the Vredestein Winter Tyre Range.


When to fit Winter Tyres
In deciding when to fit winter tyres, it is also important not only the chances of bad weather conditions, but also to observe when the average temperature falls below 7°C (45°F). In north-western Europe, this means that the right time to fit winter tyres is at the end of September, and it's best keep them fitted until April. An easy rule to remember this is that you should be using winter tyres when there is an 'r' in the name of the month.


Two or Four Winter Tyres
Winter tyres enhance your safety through improved tread rubber that always guarantees optimal grip, even at low temperatures. We therefore recommend that you always fit winter tyres in complete sets. Click here to see a video demonstrating a vehicle fitted with two and four winter tyres.


Due to the increased demand for winter tyres over the past few years, we have launched a special 'Tyre Hotel' where we offer a complete storage system.
For just £35.00 + VAT per set of four we will store your Summer or Winter Tyres as applicable. If you are using winter wheels, we will clean these prior to storage and re fit them free of charge seasonally for you.


Winter Wheels

We have a wide range of steel, second hand and new alloy wheels available for winter use. To view our winter wheel range please click here 


Please click here to contact us about Cold Weather Tyres for your vehicle.



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